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How to Choose the Best Holster for You

Mar 9th 2018

Not sure what holster is right for you? Learn how to choose the best holster for your needs and lifestyle.

Choosing a holster for your firearm is as important as choosing the gun, but it can be difficult to know which holster might be best for your needs. When looking to buy your holster here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you choose the right one.

1) What is the main purpose of the holster? Is this for personal/home defense, Conceal Carry, range use, competition shooting, or field carry?

The Comp-Tac International

If you are opting for a holster for competition or range use then Comp-Tac suggests that you look at our Outside the Waistband holsters. These holsters were designed to give you a fast draw, easy access and are used by many of our customers for competition shooting. I personally recommend the International Holster as it provides a clean, smooth draw and is IDPA and USPSA legal.

The International Duty Holster

If you looking for a field carry for hunting or just to wear around your farm or range I would suggest the International Duty. The International Duty offers the same smooth and fast construction of the International with the addition of a leather thumb break which is held closed by a Law Enforcement grade snap.

If concealed carry is what you are looking for, you need to ask yourself:

2) What kind of clothing do I wear on a daily basis?

a) If you wear more formal clothing that requires your shirt to be tucked in you will want to wear an Inside the Waistband Holster.

The Comp-Tac CTAC

The Minotaur MTAC

Some of our most popular Inside the Waistband holsters that offer Tuckability are our CTAC and MTAC. The CTAC is a Concealable Tuckable Adjustable Cant holster. It is all Kydex, which is great for those hot and humid climates. The MTAC is our Minotaur Tuckable Adjustable Cant holster. It is a Kydex shell with leather backing that offers all the options you need with the comfort you demand.

If your clothing is more relaxed and you can wear your shirt untucked, or a cover garment, then you can choose an Inside the Waistband without Tuckability or an Outside the Waistband.

Two popular Inside the Waistband holsters that don’t offer Tuckability are the Infidel and Infidel Ultra. The Infidel is an all Kydex holster built for speedy on speedy off and the Infidel Ultra is all of that plus a comfortable leather backing.

The Comp-Tac Infidel Ultra

The Comp-Tac Infidel

If Outside the Waistband is more your style, there are some great outside the waistband options in the Gladiator and the Paddle. The Gladiator sits very close to the body and is extremely comfortable with a leather back and Kydex shell. The Paddle is a long time Comp-Tac favorite made of all Kydex with a quick on and off Paddle attachment that fits anywhere inside the waistband regardless of belt loops.

No matter what your holster needs may be, Comp-Tac has a holster for you! Remember, whether you’re competing for fun or in the fight for your life, no company offers more holsters dedicated to your victory.