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All Kydex Holster vs. Hybrid Holster

Mar 9th 2018

What are the differences between All Kydex Holsters and Hybrid Holsters? How do I choose the holster that is right for me?

While working at Comp-Tac the biggest question I get asked is, which holster should I buy? If you are new to holsters, or just looking to try something different, it can be daunting to try to figure out which ones are best. One of the first choices you may face is, do you want an all Kydex holster or a leather Kydex hybrid holster?

There are many benefits of having an all Kydex holster. The smooth interior finish of the Kydex will allow your draw to be extremely fast. The all Kydex design allows for an easy one handed re-holster because the holster is rigid and holds its shape and does not collapse. Comp-Tac’s all Kydex holsters, which they are fitted to the individual pistol, are not much bigger than the actual pistol itself which can make it easier to hide if it is a concealed carry holster. The down side to the all Kydex design is the hard plastic can be uncomfortable against your skin.

Comp-Tac’s Infidel Holster, a perfect example of an all Kydex holster.

Comp-Tac’s Hybrid holsters offer supreme comfort. The back of these holsters is leather with a Kydex shell on the front. Comp-Tac’s hybrid holsters; MTAC, Spartan, and Neutral Cant, have interchangeable Kydex Shells. This allows you to use the same leather backing for more than one pistol simply by changing this shell out. However, the hybrid holsters can be wider than all Kydex holsters because the leather backing is made to one size and does not change even if you are using a smaller firearm.

The Infidel Ultra, one of Comp-Tac’s newest hybrid holster designs.

Hopefully this information can help make your choice a little easier. Comp-Tac strives to offer holsters to fit every body and everybody. If you ever have questions about holster all of our sales staff will be happy to speak with you. Give us a call at 281-209-3040 and we can assist you in getting the holster that best works for you!