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Spartan Holster for Guns with Lights or Lasers™ | Comp-Tac

The Spartan with Light is a full size leather/ Kydex Hybrid holster for a full sized firearm with light attached. The Spartan is an economical holster that offers tuckability, cant adjustment, ride depth adjustment and interchangeable Kydex bodies but with only a single piece of leather on the backing.

The Spartan with Light uses the same clips as the original Spartan, CTAC and MTAC.

Additional Kydex bodies can be ordered (Spartan w/ Light Bodies). Please be aware, the regular Spartan bodies will not fit the Spartan with Light backing.

NOTE: We fit check EVERY holster with the actual make and model firearm ordered. As a result, the leather backing may show slight wear marks or scratches from the fit process.