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Slick Tourniquet TACO®

The Slick Tourniquet TACO® is hard-sided TACO created to provide the smoothest, quickest deployment of a tourniquet while also providing a streamlined look. This pouch is made of aircraft-grade material and can carry many different types of tourniquets. The Slick Tourniquet TACO is resistant to sweat, solvents and water, and comes with a red adhesive decal for easy identification. 

  • 100% aircraft-grade material body gives a smooth finish for easy insertion and draw
  • Unique shock cord design allows for the use of most windlass-style tourniquets, such as C-A-T® SOF®TT SOF®TT Side and SAM XT® tourniquet, in one pouch
  • Mounts to belts up to 2" or MOLLE with two HSGI® universal Clips
  • Features TACO design for adjustable retention