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Kydex Handcuff TACO - Basket Weave

The Kydex® Handcuff TACO® Basket Weave is designed to retain handcuffs using the unique properties of Kydex®. Comp-Tac® uses airline-grade Kydex®, which has a smooth inside finish, is resistant to sweat and solvents, and provides a material that won’t damage the handcuffs or the belt. Combining Comp-Tac’s™ Kydex® manufacturing capabilities with HSGI's® knowledge of retention as well as their versatile TACO® design, provides users the best of both worlds!

Special Basket Weave Finish
The special basket weave finish of these Kydex® Handcuff TACOs® is a one of kind way to match your Kydex® accessories to the rest of your basket weave gear. The Basket weave finish is imprinted on the Kydex® and will not rub or wear off. The basket weave is pressed in giving it a tactile feel as well as a true basket weave look. Basket weave is only available in black colored Kydex®.

  • Made of 100% airline-grade Kydex®, providing a great finish for easy insertion and draw.
    • Basket weave pattern imprinted into Kydex®
  • Shock Cord TACO® design and retention allows for the use of all the most popular handcuffs.
  • Designed to match the look of the HSGI® Polymer TACOs® for a seamless look on the belt and allows the user to stack two of the holsters in the space of one.
  • Kydex® will hold up to the weight of the handcuffs without bending or sagging, nor will it hold moisture from rain, sweat or humidity.
  • Features removable 1” nylon snap closure for the ultimate in secure hold.

Can be mounted to the belt or MOLLE with two HSGI® Universal Clips.

HSGI / Comp-Tac Kydex Handcuff TACO from Comp-Tac Holsters on Vimeo.