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HSGI: PLM Mount for TACO

HSGI: PLM V2 Mount for TACOS


HSGI Universal Clip 4-Hole Short (2) 
Nylon Fabric U-Mount 2 MOLLE Wide (1)
Nylon Fabric U-Mount 1 MOLLE Wide (1) 
Post Binding .125" (6) 
Short Screws (4) 
Long Screws (2) 
Cap Finishing Washer (6) 
PLM V2 (1) 


Directions For Use: 


Attach PLM V2 to Universal Clips and Nylon Fabric


PLM V2 on bottom

Universal Clips – Posts need to face PLM
Nylon fabric MOLLE for weaving on top
Tighten all screws – Use Blue Loctite™ or clear nail polish to ensure sticking

Weave Universal Clips through MOLLE, Secure Universal Clips


Thread Universal Clips through the top of the MOLLE, return universal clips through Nylon fabric attached to PLM V2, continue alternating
Finish by tucking through the Universal Clip and securing it onto itself.




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    Just what I needed

    Posted by Tony on Aug 26th 2020

    The thing I needed most out of this package was the PLM, I just ordered the whole thing to have the spare parts also. But the PLM is the last thing I needed for my duty belt. I carry pistol and rifle magazines on it and needed the PLM so I could drop the magazines. This gave me enough space between the top of the magazine and the agency issued vest/plate carrier that nothing jabs or gets caught underneath the side materials. I have full mobility at this point highly recommend this product.

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    PLM Mount for High Speed Gear Taco

    Posted by Larry on Jun 19th 2019

    I've only had it for a couple of days now. So far it is working great for my needs to use the universal pistol taco on multiple belt setups without having to deal with Velcro belt loops.