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HSGI: Infidel Clip Mount for MOLLE

HSGI Infidel Mount for TACO

HSGI Universal Clip 4-Hole Short (2) 
Nylon Fabric U-Mount Black 2 MOLLE Rows Wide (1)
Post Binding .125" (6)
Short Screws (4)
Long Screws (2)
Cap Finishing Washer (6)
Infidel Belt Clip 1.5" (1) 

Step 1:Weave HSGI Universal Clips through Nylon Fabric U-Mount. When doing so, make sure the post on the securing end is facing upwards. Once this is completed, align the 4 holes. Using 2 cap finishing washers, 2 small screws, and 2 small post binding pieces screw them into the bottom two holes on the nylon fabric to secure the Universal Clips stay in place.

Step 2: Taking your Infidel Belt Clip, align with the 2 top holes of your nylon fabric on the same side that the screws are facing upward. Screw in Infidel Belt Clip using two screws and the two large post binding pieces.

Step 3:Using the tips of the Universal Clips, insert them into the top MOLLE slots to begin the weaving process.

Step 4:Once finished weaving the clips through your first MOLLE slots, begin to weave them back through the Nylon Fabric U- Mount that is attached to your Infidel Belt Clip.

Step 5:As soon as you have finished pulling the clips through the Nylon Fabric U- Mount, continue to weave the Universal Clips through the 3rd slots of MOLLE at the base of the product you are mounting.

Step 5:After weaving the clips through your product and Infidel Clip Mount, pull the tip of the Universal Clips through the slots at the base of your clips.

Step 6:Complete by snapping the ends of the clips to secure your Infidel Clip Mount.