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HSGI® Duty Extended Pistol TACO®

Now shipping direct from Houston, TX. 

Our Duty line of TACOs® functions the same as the originals, but feature sleeker fronts and hidden bungee, which is woven internally. This pouch will hold most extended pistol magazines, submachinegun mags, extendable batons, large flashlights, suppressors and more. 

Key Features: 
• Mounts to both MOLLE and belts up to 2” with our new universal HSGI® Clips 
• Proprietary heavy duty nylon laminate, shock cord, and polymer brackets provide versatility in size and adjustable retention 
• Tapered, protruding brackets enable quick and easy reinsertion of magazines and other items 
• Flexible, elastic bungee enclosed in interior of pouches 

Patent #9,759,536