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eV2 Mag Pouch


The eV2™ Mag Pouch is an inside the waistband (IWB) pouch designed for carrying one additional spare magazine. The pouch is of hybrid design using top grain cow hide as the material designed to sit against the body and a Kydex® pouch to sit for holding the magazine. The pouch attaches to the belt with a nylon clip that is ride height adjustable allowing the user to set the height of the magazine in relation to their belt. The magazine pouch is also tuackable allowing the shirt to be tucked in over the magazine into the pants for deep concealment.


  • Top grain cowhide leather
  • Kydex® body
  • Nylon clip that is ride height adjustable and tuckable
  • Index Cut on Leather and Kydex® for improved draw capabilities
  • Designed specifically for carrying compact magazines
  • Created for wear in the appendix region for quick access


The eV2 Mag Pouch is designed to come very tight. Leather’s natural properties cause the material to stretch overtime. Comp-Tac designed the magazine pouch to fit very tight at first to allow the leather to mold to the body of the magazine as well as the body of the user.

It is recommended that you wear the magazine pouch for a minimum of 8-12 hours BEFORE it is used in a concealed carry situation. To help with the break in of the magazine pouch the user can use a small amount of baby or talcum powder to help with the “stickiness” of the leather against the metal/polymer of the magazine. When using powder, start with a very light dusting and slide a loaded magazine in and out of the mag pouch several times. After powder use and break in wear user should then clean magazine and ammunition of any excess powder.

It is recommended that during storage the eV2 mag pouch be stored with a magazine inside the pouch to help with shrinkage. Leather can be susceptible to temperature and humidity changes and may stretch and shrink over time.

If the mag pouch becomes too lose it is recommended to remove the mag when not in use. If magazine continues to be too lose mag pouch can be lightly sprayed with cool water, magazine wrapped with plastic, inserted and allowed to dry overnight. As the cool water dries the magazine pouch should “shrink” to a tighter fit.







1911 1911 9mm/.40/.45 Single Stack 1 Kimber .45 Single Stack 1
Arsenal Strike 1/Strike or Type B 11 Ruger SR9 12
Beretta 92/96/M9 11 S&W M&P 9mm/ .40 /.357 12
Browning Hi-Power 9mm/.40 11 S&W M&P Shield 9mm/ .40 19
Colt .45 Single Stack 1 Sig 1911 GSR 1
CZ 75/85 11 Sig P220 1
CZ P-07/P-09 12 Sig P226 .40/ .357 11
FN 509 4 Sig P226/ P229 9mm 11
Glock 43 43 Sig P228 12
Glock .45 Gap 4 Sig P229 .40/ .357 12
Glock Double Stack 9mm/ .40/ .357 4 Sig P320/ P250 9mm/ .40 12
Kahr CW 45 1 Sig P365 11
Kahr K 45 1 Springfield Hellcat/ OSP 11
Kahr MK 45 1 Springfield XD 9mm/ .40 11
Kahr P45 1 Springfield XD-S .45 1
Kahr PM45 1 Walther PPQ 9mm/ .40 11

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  • 5
    Mag Pouch Glock 48

    Posted by Paul Ellison on Feb 16th 2021

    Great product, works perfectly with both factory mag and Shield Arms mags.
    Highly recommended

  • 4
    Good Product, Could Use More Sizes

    Posted by Jonathan Cruz on Nov 11th 2020

    I bought two of these as a replacement for Comp-Tac's all leather IWB magazine pouches as I've had a few retention issues with those. The polymer outer shell certainly does retain magazines much better, being molded for specific models. I do wish they would make taller versions for full sized pistols though, as the leather ends a little over half an inch before the baseplate starts.
    The wider leather backing makes these poke into the body much less than the all leather ones which is nice for comfort.
    The belt clip isn't quite large enough to wrap around a 1.5" comp-tac belt with a layer of pants behind it, which seems like a bit of an oversight for an IWB pouch.
    Overall feels like an improvement over the leather pouches and the few issues I had could be fixed with more detailed sizing options.

  • 5
    Excellent design and construction

    Posted by Stephen M on Sep 8th 2020

    I had tried another brand, but that ended up in my "box of holsters" rather than on my belt. The plastic belt clip hides better and doesn't damage my belt like metal ones do. The only complaint is that the leather piece against the body should be a bit higher to prevent pinching when body armor is worn. Not a big deal, but something to consider.