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eV2™ Holster | AIWB | Appendix Inside the Waistband Holster

eV2- Every Day Carry Two O'Clock

The eV2™ Holster is designed for easy as well as deep concealment in the Appendix Inside the Waistband (AIWB) position. The eV2’s holster body is made of 100% aircraft grade Kydex® which provides the smoothest finish for an easy, fast draw. The eV2 is attached to your belt with a Tuckable Nylon clip that is gentle on belts and clothing while still being strong and gripping the belt tightly. In addition to the mounting clip the eV2 is outfitted with a the Comp-Tac™ KICK™. This kick is attached to the holster and provides pressure against the belt causing the grip to be pushed into the body causing less printing and a more concealable holster. With smooth edges and a minimalist design the eV2 will keep your handgun close, with no one being the wiser.

  • Appendix Inside the Waistband Design for easy access
  • Made of 100% Kydex®- Gives a smooth finish for easy draw and re-holster
  • Retention Adjustment Screw provides perfect holster hold for each user
  • Nylon Clip- strong design and gentle edges that will not damage clothing or belts
    • Clip is Tuckable allowing shirt to be tucked in over gun
    • Clip is height adjustable allowing gun to sit deeper or higher for Master Grip access
  • Comp-Tac™ KICK provides pressure allowing grip to tilt into body for better concealment
  • eV2™ is a minimalist design with smooth edges and gentle curves for ultimate comfort


The eV2 was previously known as the eVade. Why did we change the name? During product development our internal staff referred to the holster as the eV2- for the every day two o'clock. The name stuck so much with our staff- we decided to shorten it up and share it with our customers. eV2- Every Day Carry Two O"clock

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    EV2 Holster

    Posted by Charles on Sep 24th 2019

    My stomach is a little to large for a comfortable wear Appendix location, but I wear it at the 2 o'clock position and it fit and wear great.

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    Posted by William on May 2nd 2019

    Secures my pistol well. Easy to put on and take off daily. Only thing I don't like is how much the bottom of the belt clip digs into you when seated. Will probably ended up grinding it off.

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    EV2 holster

    Posted by Brian on Mar 31st 2019

    Bought the EV2 for my Sig 365 and, since this is my first AIWB holster, I am in the process of getting used to it. The design is really good and the 365 literally disappears. Quality is excellent! I am showing it to friends and can highly recommend it.

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    Great holster.

    Posted by Brandon Collins on Feb 15th 2019

    I literally own an entire bedside drawer full of appendix holsters from as many holster manufacturers, and the ev2 is by FAR the most comfortable out of them all. All the lines and edges are soft and round, with no extra protruding material to poke you.

    When I first got the holster, I was a little weirded out by the wedge shaped claw they chose to design. I kept feeling like I wanted to push the claw lower into the belt line, but of course because of the shape.. you really can't. Then after a week or so of carrying it, I realized how awesome it is. If you can't push the claw lower in your belt, you can't push the grip of the gun down either... and it makes for a very stable carry. The wedge shape prevents the holster from rocking left and right, keeping the grip angle the same all the time.

    Great job, Comp-Tac.

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    Well done

    Posted by Jack on Jan 28th 2019

    Have carried AIWB for many years, carrying a G26 in a comp-tac hybrid holster. Have always wanted to have an option for carrying my G19 that would reduce or eliminate possible printing. This holster does a good job of keeping the grip angled into your body.

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    Fantastic, minimalist holster

    Posted by ken on Jan 4th 2019

    I’m not the biggest user of AIWB due to the bulk and my thin build, but the EV2 somehow gets it right without adding any unncessary bulk. I’ve ordered two for both my M&P 2.0 Compact and Glock 19.

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    Great Appendix

    Posted by John on Nov 27th 2018

    I was pleasantly surprised with this holster. I have carried appendix for years, and this holster is one of the most comfortable I have ever used. The Kick works really well to hide the gun, and I was able to draw with it over 50 times without banging up my knuckles.