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Cavalry™ Holster | Hybrid Holster for Pocket Pistol Size Guns | Comp-Tac

The Cavalry Holster is made for the most popular pocket pistol sized pistols: Glock, Sig Sauer, Ruger and Kimber. Please select your pistol from the Make and Model drop down menu.

Cavalry has all your favorite features for pocket pistol sized guns.  Comprised of a comfortable leather backing and Kydex shell providing a smooth and fast draw.

This holster offers cant adjustment, ride height adjustment and retention adjustment to make sure your handgun is easily accessible while still being secure.

The Cavalry can be ordered with the Comp-Tac 1.5” Black Standard Clips or 1.5” Black C-Clips. Both kinds of clips are made of nylon reinforced polymer which is strong enough to withstand over 10,000,000 flexes while still being gentle on your belts, clothing and car seats.

Both the Standard clips and C-Clips are designed for use with our Kydex Reinforced Contour Belt.  Standard Clips are recommended for sturdy thicker leather belts, and the C-Clips are recommended for thinner more flexible belts.  

Want a different clip size or color? Visit our Holster Parts Page and get more clips for only $2.00 each!

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    Cavalry Holster

    Posted by Patrick on Oct 15th 2018

    This is my go to holster when wearing light clothes in warm weather. It provides great comfort. It is best suited for sub-compact carry - my opinion. I have 2 of these. One is for a Glock 43 and the other one is for a Sig P938. It is very comfortable for all day carry. What I like about all the Comp-Tac holsters is the confidence I have with them. They are all designed to allow for a safe and rapid draw.

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    Fantastic for IWB Concealed Carry

    Posted by Hal on Mar 26th 2018

    Got this for my Glock 43. (for those who don't know Glock models, this is the sub-compact chambered in 9x19mm). I'm 6'0" 220lbs. Somewhat muscular build but I have a little bit of a gut.

    Summary: I've been carrying with this every day for about a week now. I don't question the build quality as I have a similar style holster from Comp-Tac that is going on 10 years for my Glock 23. It's holding up great. Overall I'm very satisfied with this holster. I'm used to carrying the larger Glock 23, and this holster with this gun is so much more compact. I rarely have to worry about it printing, even in just a T-shirt.

    - Great adjustability on belt clip height. Wide variety of cant options. They go pretty high (which makes the holster sit low) for very good concealment.
    - Very secure retention.
    - Comfortable (I wear an undershirt).
    - About as small of a profile as I think you can get with a proper holster.
    - The C clips I chose have a little hook on the underside, so it won't pull off your belt when you draw. They are VERY secure (more on that below).
    - Clips fit my 1.5" belt. great I think you'd need different style clips if you have a wider belt.

    - I could see this holster being uncomfortable if it's on your bare skin. There are metal rivets on the back that are recessed pretty good, but I could see it being uncomfortable (can't say for sure, haven't tried it).
    - The belt clips are extremely secure, to the point where it can be annoying to take the holster off at the end of the day. I have gotten used to this after a week or so. It takes some practice to get them un-hooked from your belt without taking your belt off. I'm not even sure I'd list this as a "Con" because I like that the holster is so secure on my belt. I just wanted to mention it as it did frustrate me the first few days. There's a bit of a knack to it is all.

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    Excellent for Sig 938 Equinox

    Posted by Robert Slater on Nov 16th 2017

    I've worn this for over a year with my Sig P938 equinox. I doubt you can find an IWB holster that's better, not to mention such a value. Minor issue-I'll echo what the other review said, if you're not wearing an undershirt, the rosewood grips can irritate your skin (especially if you have a few extra lbs. where you carry).Once I put on the excellent wrap-around Hogues on it, it wasn't an issue. Still, I wish the leather or a kydex shield went up a bit further. There aren't any other holster with such a feature either (since it would potentially interfere with the draw.

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    Cavalry holster Sig P938

    Posted by Nicholas Suflita on Aug 8th 2017

    A decent holster and with a few improvements could be amazing. (Using for a sig p938)PROSExcellent retention system.overall size is not any larger than it has to be, perfect overall sizekydex shell molded perfectly and snugly, feels custom for your gun, not generic for your type of gun size5 holes on the clips for adjustment (instead of 3, like other companies)excellent retention adjustment process.... no squishy rubber stoppers that change size overtime...CONSLeather feels a bit cheap, but still okay overall. I own the mtac for a full size.45 and loved it, this is inferior in comparison, still decent and for 40(half the price) is not bad.Biggest con, the edges of the leather, very rough and somewhat crudely cut, from reading online i feel i can sand thembuff them down smoother. But it's something that could easily and cheaply done in the factorythe back side has exposed hardware, not really noticeable if you are wearing an under shirt but without an undershirt you can feel them a bit on your skin. A few patches of moleskin and the issue is mostly gone. A leather backing would fix this but also drive up price, so for the cost of the moleskin, i would say it is worth it.....Overall a decent holster with DIY fixable cons. I actually returned a holster from another company to get this one. The other holster had all the opposite pros and cons.... I'd rather have better retention and better fitting kydex than super soft leather.Would certainly buy and for 40, very economical a 710 overal

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    Outstanding for my Sig P938

    Posted by Robert Slater on Mar 18th 2015

    I bought this for my Sig P938 Equinox after owning the older MTAC for years (sold with USPc .45) and the newer model for a P229 in .40. There really weren't many solid custom-fit options for the P938.It wears perfectly. It's just like a mini-MTAC (or spartan, I suppose), but distributes the weight perfectly, not that it matters with a subcompact. The only issue I initially had was that the stock rosewood grip texture was irritating me through even undershirts (not even comp-tac's fault, really). The issue was solved as soon as I got my Hogues on. I just wish there was an option for the leather to extend a little further down the grip as a buffer, something I've wanted on my MTACs as well.