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C Clip 4 Pack | 4 Clips 2 of 2 Colors | Comp-Tac

The C-Clip 4 Pack comes with 4 clips; two clips in black and two clips in chestnut, in selected belt width.


  • Belt Widths: 1.5", 1.75"
  • Nylon Construction- Durable while Gentle on clothing car seats
  • 5 Holes Provide ride Height Adjustment to Holsters and Magazine Pouches
  • 5 Holes Provide Cant adjustment if using two clips to mount a holster or mag pouch
  • Holes are spaced 1/2" center to center
  • Clip is 5/8" wide at widest point

The Comp-Tac C-Clip is a “C” shaped clip that grips the belt at the top and the bottom. The belt must be fed through the clip while putting it on. These clips have less visible surface area showing making them perfect for concealment. C-Clips work with all types of belts, and are idea for nylon belts or very thin belts.

Comp-Tac C-Clips are made of a durable yet flexible Nylon. The Nylon is gentle on your belt, clothing and car seats yet strong enough to withstand over 10,000,000 flexes without failure.

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For questions, please call your Comp-Tac sales representative at (281) 209-3040 or toll free at (866) 441-9157.

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  • 5

    Posted by Harry D on Jun 1st 2018

    Execellent for making a IWB harder to be noticed.

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    Keeps Holster in Place

    Posted by Guest Customer on Jan 7th 2018

    I bought these to replace the belt clips on my Crossbreed IWB which had a tendency to ride up over the belt during activity with the supplied clips by the holster maker. These clips eliminated that problem and maintained the functionality of the holster as I wanted it. The length of the clips were shortened to my needs and the screws supplied with the holster worked and were secured with a drop of loctite on each. Highly recommend. Daily CCW wearer. Semper Fi!

  • 5
    Works Great with Leather

    Posted by Gary Busker on Sep 18th 2017

    I have been wearing my MTAC for the last couple years every day, I wear thick leather belts made for me at the leather store and these clips are fantastic. Low visibility and have never let go of the belt. These are also just flexible enough to allow easy tucking while holding the canter perfectly.

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    great replacement for sharp spring steel clips

    Posted by David Lithway on Feb 24th 2016

    Have purchased these for three different holsters that came only with spring steel clips.I am using a Hanks Amish-Made 1.25 leather belt and after more than 8 years the system continues to work very, very well. The clips are holding up perfectly, and the belt is just the right size to allow me to slip the bottom in before rolling the top into the upper clip. Holds very well, whether it be every-day carry, or drills and exercises during training at a range.I have a set on all my holsters, plus some spars. Only reason I have to buy another couple of sets is because I ordered a bigger belt and need larger clips. These are my go-to clips for carrying IWB.