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Flatline Holster | IWB or OWB Holster | Comp-Tac

We produce products for the most popular make and model pistols, S&W, Glock, Springfield, H&K, Sig Sauer and many more.  Please select your pistol from the Make and Model drop down!

The Flatline is the most diverse holster that Comp-Tac offers. Available with 3 sets of mounting clips the Flatline can be worn as an Inside the Waistband holster for concealed carry or an Outside the waistband holster for concealed carry, competition or just general use.


  • All Kydex body which provides a rigid material that is fit to each firearm and maintains its shape even with the pistol un-holstered. The smooth low friction surface allows for a fast draw and easy one-handed re-holstering of the firearm. The all-Kydex body will not bend or stretch over time and is impervious to sweat and solvents.
  • 3 sets (total of six) mounting Clips. The Flatline will come with the Flatline Standard Clips attached allowing it to be carried Outside the Waistband. The additional two sets of clips are included in the shipment.
  • The Flatline holsters also offers ride depth adjustability, which allows the user to carry the firearm higher or lower on the belt depending on their preference.
  • The Flatline also offers cant adjustability for the user to choose the angle of the firearm on the draw.
  • The Flatline is the only Kydex pancake style holster that offers retention adjustment allowing the user to set how snugly or loosely the firearm fits in the holster. 

The Flatline Clips will come to fit a 1.5" wide belt. To order clips for a 1.75" belt please see our Flatline Mount Kit.

Mounting Options included:

Inside the Waistband Standard Clips: A “P” shaped clip that slides over the top of the belt and hooks underneath. Holster may be put on while belt is already threaded through loops. Not recommended for nylon belts.

Outside the Waistband Flatline Clips: are made of a durable Nylon and are attached to the holster at both the top of the clip and the bottom of the clip requiring the user to thread the belt through the clips.

Outside the Waistband Flatline Offset Clips: are made of a durable Nylon and are attached to the holster at both the top of the clip. The Offset clips contain a channel that the belt is fed through that keeps the belt away from the top of the holster by approximately 1/4 of an inch adjusting the camber of the holster so that the holster tilts out away from the body.

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    Great holster

    Posted by Guest Customer on Dec 24th 2017

    I just bought one for my mp9. Fits like a glove.

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    Posted by Guest Customer on Jun 19th 2017

    The Flatline Holster, with the optional thumb break feature, is my duty holster when in plainclothes as a LE Officer in the mean streets of Los Angeles. The holster fits nicely up against the body perfectly concealing my G-17, yet allows for a natural fast draw. The only issue I had was that the thumb break did not fit over the G-17 Gen-4 with the optional beavertail grip, but after a little cutting and smoothing out with a dremel tool, its fits like a glove. I will order another Flatline holster for my G-43 and 42. I am 100% satisfied with the product and certify this holster Duty Approved!

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    Top Notch for VP40 Carry Any Way You Like it

    Posted by Guest Customer on Feb 12th 2017

    The HK VP40 I purchased last fall presented some challenges when it came time to find a flexible holster for different occasions. For one thing, the field is rife with one-holster-fits-many firearms, but few options for those specifically tailored to this handgun. The VP40 is a fairly hefty load with some unique dimensions, and I really wanted a holster tailored for it. Comp-Tac filled the bill with this beauty. Excellent quality materials and workmanship. The customization of ride and IWB or OWB options is a result of thoughtful, deliberate design, not a compromise like so many other manufacturers' products. My firearm is always secure and rests comfortably on my (big) body in any configuration. Two thumbs up!

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    Fits perfectly I.W.B. (M&P9L Pro Core w Trijicon RMR)

    Posted by Guest Customer on Apr 17th 2016

    I had to write a review. The Flatline allows me to conceal a full size (5) M&P9L CORE with the Trijicon mounted. The M&P hugs your body perfectly, leaving little to no print at all. You can sit comfortably with it as well. O.W.B. is okay but I highly recommend this for I.W.B. Takes 2-3 weeks to arrive but you'll be happy when it does. Great product Comp-Tac. Thanks.

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    best convertible holster on the market

    Posted by Guest Customer on Jan 30th 2016

    I have been carrying for quite some time now and it seemed like every year I was getting a new holster to try and I always ended up hating the holster. I have tried hybrids, iwb, owb, top dollar to low budget holsters. this is the last holster i bought about year ago. I have recommended it to many of friends and family. its like Im not carrying a brick any more, the full size M&P disappears with this holster, works wonders for my 1911 as well.

  • 5

    Posted by Larry Silver on Jan 26th 2016

    Since ordering the Flatline, I've ordered two additional holsters. The other two holsters took no time at all to arrive. Had a little hiccup the first time I ordered but was very happy with how fast I received my orders. Great job to the team at Comp-Tac.

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    Wow guys, nice job!

    Posted by Guest Customer on Aug 20th 2015

    After buying several budget type Holsters, I came accross the comp tac website from a reccomendation at the s&w forum while searching for a holster to fit my m&p pro core. My flatline arrived today and I couldnt be more impressed. Everything from the build quality all the way down to the hand written thank you and candy. You now have a customer for life and I will refer all my friends. Thank you!

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    Great stuff!

    Posted by Martin Eilers on May 20th 2015

    After trying several other holsters from different brands I bought a flatline holster. It s great! My HK Vp40 fits totally in the holster! It s one of the best holsters for concealed carry! Thx for this awsome piece of craftmenship!

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    One of a kind!!!!!!

    Posted by Timothy McAlister on Apr 30th 2015

    Absolutely the best owb holsters I have found and used to date. Well made and attention to detail is perfect. It sits close to the body and conceals your weapon perfectly. The difference size belt loops are a plus. I've not one other manufacture do this. The smarties are a great twist. Lov'em. Would recommend this product and have.